Turkısh Airlines A-321 scheme 1 Decal Set


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  • High Quality Laser Printed
  • 1/144 th scale
  • Compatible use microsol and microset.
  • Product code:
  • Dat-01005

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Airbus A320 Family

Suitable Kits

Revell, Generic, Zvezda


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Turkish Airlines operates the Airbus A321, a highly efficient and versatile aircraft that is a staple in its fleet. The A321 is part of the Airbus A320 family and is known for its extended range, fuel efficiency, and ability to accommodate a larger number of passengers compared to its counterparts. With a seating capacity that typically ranges from 185 to 236 passengers, the A321 is used for both domestic and international routes, providing flexibility and reliability for various flight demands. Equipped with modern avionics and comfortable cabin layouts, the A321 enhances Turkish Airlines’ service quality, ensuring a pleasant travel experience for passengers while maintaining operational efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

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