C-160 D Transall Scheme-1


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SKU: ddt-01025-01026


Turkey: 69-039 Euro Camo. Ankara Avaiation Museum.

Germany: 51 01 “Silberne Gams” special aniversary scheme 2017.

    • High Quality silkscreen printed by Cartograf ITALY.
    • Compatible with microsol and microset.
    • Recommended models:
    • 1/72 Revell 03916
    • 1/72 Revell 04675
    • 1/72 Revell 04602 and other  1/72 scale kits.
    • 1/220 Revell 03998

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"1/72", "1/220"

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C-160 Transall

Suitable Kits

Revell, Generic


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The C-160D Transall is a military transport aircraft developed in the 1960s through a joint venture between French and German companies. The Turkish Air Force incorporated these aircraft into its inventory in 1971. Known for its durability and versatility, the C-160D Transall was actively used for transporting military personnel and cargo, humanitarian aid missions, and international peacekeeping operations. Turkey also undertook training and modernization projects with these aircraft. Over the years, the C-160D Transall significantly enhanced the logistical and transport capabilities of the Turkish Air Force, before being gradually replaced by more modern transport aircraft.

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