The world's best decals for aviators
  • Silk Screen Printed by Cartograf in İtaly
  • 1/72 nd scale (Ddt-01002)
  • 1/48 th scale (Ddt-01003)
  • 1/32 nd scale (Ddt-01004)
  • The set includes more than enough basic and white rounded fuselage and tail numbers of Turkish Airforce’s:
  • North American F-100 C/D/F Super Sabre
  • Lockheed F-104G/TF-104G/RF-104G
  • Canadair CF-104G/CF-104D
  • Alenia F-104 S
  • Mdd F-4 E Phantom
  • Mdd RF-4 E Phantom
  • Nortrop F-5 A/F-5B/RF-5A
  • Republic F-84F/F-84Q Thunderstreak
  • Republic RF-84F Thunderflash
  • Cessna T-37B/C Tweetybird
  • Northrop T-38A Talon

"1/72", "1/48", "1/32"


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